An entrepreneur who works out solutions: Sudendu Shah

An entrepreneur who works out solutions: Sudendu Shah

At the naive age of 10-11 years, children begin to figure out their broad interests and the lenses they prefer to perceive the world from. But prodigies have something else planned for themselves!

One such prodigy is Sudendu Shah, current CEO of Pride Group, Managing Director of Al Shibel L.L.C (Dubai), Pride Group L.L.C (USA), and Pride Vertical Ltd (UK), Further, he is also an honorable member of the Advisory Board of NULEARN.

Shah was determined to achieve his dream and started working towards the same at 11. His mind was trained to look beyond the resources that were otherwise provided academically.

Residing in the small town of Solapur, Sudendu realized the essence of working and gaining experience in a city filled with modern day ideas. Thus, he came to Pune and began his journey.

Sudendu was always a man who followed his passion. Be it towards starting a business, or giving it all in sports. His college days introduced him to his inclination towards football. He gathered a team of equally motivated sportsmen and called the team Pride. Impressed by his leadership abilities, he was hired as a football coach.

When he witnessed that he could make a decent living out of his ability, he established the Pride Coaching Academy. He achieved this milestone even before he graduated.

As soon as our graduation is completed, we are expected to land into well paying jobs with a whopping 6 figure package. Sudendu didn’t want this. Instead, he wanted to take a step ahead and leap into his managerial skills.

Event management seemed to be the best match for him. This period familiarized him to the ins and outs of the business world. He worked with brands like INOX, Dainik Jagaran, Miraj, Vodafone, CNBC, Nature’s Basket, TV 18, Pune Cantonment Group, and Aditya Birla Group to name a few.

After gaining the necessary experience, Sudendu applied his knowledge to expand the scope of his venture, the Pride Group in 2014. The following years saw the inclusion of Garment Business and the IT sector into his venture. Thus, within a span of 24 months, his venture sprouted up to four branches.

For the unversed, Sudendu’s exceptional growth was recognized and he was awarded with the “Times Men of the Year 2018” for “The Young Entrepreneur”, “India Icon” for “Most Dynamic Young Entrepreneur 2019”, “Indian Achiever’s Award” for “Excellence in Business Leadership 2020”,  “India 500 CEO’s 2021” and “Worldwide Achiever’s Award” for “The Most Promising Entrepreneur of the Year 2021”.

Presently, he works with 95+ countries and is renowned in his respective field globally. The man is a firm believer of “Let’s work together and create history”.

This, of course, wasn’t built overnight. The company went through a topsy turvy of events. Both his team members and Shah were faced with challenges that were not accounted for. But with the right mindset, they were able to reverse the effects and come back stronger!

In the words of Sudendu Shah “Every problem comes with multiple solutions, and those multiple solutions come with multiple opportunities. It’s not the problems but the approach towards the problems that counts”.

Today, 12 years after the establishment of Pride Group, this 29 year old entrepreneur is setting examples for all the budding enthusiasts out there.

Sudendu Shah, is indeed a remarkable entrepreneur.

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